That’s our name for a Semi-Auto, 308 cal.1919A4



GGI has a team with 80 years experience in the firearms industry.
All of our products are preciously manufactured using the latest CNC machinery,
1S09000 quality top shelf expertise, and a love for firearms.

All of our guns are carefully assembled using precision riveters and presses.
Then we bead blast and mil. Spec. parkerized all our guns instead of using cheaper and faster paint finishes.

All guns are head spaced, test fired and carefully packed before shipping to you.
All of our firearms are backed by a 6 month warranty.
Get them before Hillary does!  All prices subject to change without notice.

Item 1919A7

Price $117.00 plus shipping and handling.
Several still available.
The ultimate Hi-cap.  Engraving is as close to WWII as we could get.
They even have a flaming bomb stamped in it.
These beauties include 100 reusable metal links and owners manual.
All parts are US and G.I. except for new right side plate, karma trigger and scar, and have current mil-spec. parker.
Test fired and ready to go.
(Tripod not included) No sales to CA, N.J., MA, N.Y., CA, CT. or where prohibited by law.
Please hurry parts for these are starting to run low.

Item MG 42 Tripod and 1919 Adaptors.

Price:  $699.00 plus shipping and handling.
Only a few available with 1919 purchase.
Original German 80’s production M.G. 42 ground mount.
This is great for the re-enactors, collectors and serious shooter.
Includes detachable 1919 adaptor that hooks into the re-coil reduction system.
It has the leveling bubble and collapses for easy transport utilizing backpack straps and cushions.
Hesnoldt periscope included and mounts to the side.
Shoot prone or sitting.  Only a few available as these are no longer portable.

Item:  MG 42 AA Tripod with 1919 adaptor

Price:  $250.00 plus shipping and handling.
           (With 1919 purchase only)
Our own invention!  Snap on – Snap off.  Simply pull the “trigger” on this tripod and the gun comes off.
These German military tri-pods are no longer importable and in great shape.
Expect some dings in the paint.  Shoot sitting or standing.
Adaptors sold separately for $75.00 plus shipping and handling.

Item:  1919 Ammo Can Holder

Price:  $100.00 plus shipping and handling
Our own invention!
This beauty not only holds your ammo but also keeps the gun on the pintle.
May vary slightly from the picture.

Item:  A-6 Kit

Price:  $220.00 plus shipping and handling
Israeli A-6 kit includes bipod carry handle and butt stock.
Most parts are new in the wrapper.
Supplies of these are getting low so we sell these only with a 1919 purchase.
For an additional $75.00 we will re-parkerize it to perfectly match your gun.

Item A-6  Flash hider and fluted barrel.

Price:  $175.00 plus shipping and handling.
A. We took an Israeli A-6 flash hider and converted it to 308.
In addition to your 1919 available with 1919 purchase only $150.00 plus shipping and handling.
B. Here’s an Israeli heavy chrome lined barrel.
We fluted and refinished increasing rigidity while decreasing weight.

Item:  Linkers

Price:  $200.00 plus shipping and handling.
These original 50 cal. Linkers also link 3006 8mm and 1308.
Refinished and very heavy duty.

Item:  Maverick 88, 12ga.

Price:  $220.00 plus shipping and handling
New in the box Maverick 88, 3”, 12 ga. 6 shot black finish.  Includes pistol grip.

Item:  Mossberg 500

Price:  $259.00 plus shipping and handling.
Here’s an attention getter.  N.I.B. Mossberg 500, 3” 12ga. black parkerized finish. 8 shot.

Item:  A

Price:  $550.00 plus shipping and handling.
Here we’ve teamed up new matching AK parts with arsenal receivers and Tapco-“No Slap” triggers.
These side folders are solid compared to a wobbly under folder and are great shooters.
Included a Hi Cap magazine and manual.
Additional items available with purchase.
No sale to CA, N.J., MA, N.Y., CA. or CT.

Item:  B

Price:  $599.00 plus shipping and handling.
Small quantities available.  Coming soon M-3 semi auto 50’s AK pistol.
Similar as above but no shoulder stock and is clearly marked pistol.

Noinco model 87 12ga-2 & 3/4
New in box-1 in stock $439.00

DSA-SAS8-308 cal.
New in box-1 in stock  $1150.00

Bushmaster XM15 20" Heavy Barrel
New in box-1 in stock  $820.00

Mitchell 12ga 2 & 3/4
New in box-1 in stock $239.00

Inter-Ord RPK F62x39 Heavy Barrel
New in box-1 in stock $739.00

Mitchell Model PPS .22 LR
New in box-1 in stock $739.00

Arsenal SLR-AK 7.62x39 Milled Receiver-Has Scope Mount
New in box-1 in Green Stock $800.00 1 in stock

CIA Underfolder AK  62.39
With all Accessoried shown NIB
3 in Stock  $499.00

CIA/DC Ind.  M70 Yugo Underfold AK 7.62x39
1 magazine only  NIB  $550.00   3 in Stock

Rapid Fire Semi-Auto 1919-.308
NIB $1180.00 Only i in stock

Terms and conditions:  All prices subject to change without notice.
The prices in this ad may not be available in our retail outlet to non FFL holders.
FFL and retail tax certificate required for firearms purchases.
We comply with all local, state and federal laws.  Please know your laws before ordering.
All price are for cash (certified check) purchases.  Sorry no charge cards as of yet.  All 922R and NIA ratings apply.
All our manufactured firearms covered by a 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects.

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